President Bush has urged his conservative base to unite in an effort to get a Republican president elected and keep party control of the White House.

Mr. Bush addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday in Washington, and highlighted his tax cuts and U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The president said the tax cuts he pushed during his first term have helped produce strong economic growth, and he called for them to be made permanent. 

He said the United States has gone on the offensive against terrorists under his administration, but acknowledged tough days ahead for Iraq and a long recovery for Afghanistan.

He called on Congress to make permanent the government's controversial wiretapping program and to grant immunity to companies that help the government carry out the warrantless eavesdropping. 

On the November general election, Mr. Bush said it is important for a conservative to remain in the White House because, in his words, "prosperity and peace are in the balance."

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.