President Bush says the attack on the U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, shows terrorists are still on the move. 

The president says the terrorists have one aim: "They want us to leave Saudi Arabia. They want us to leave Iraq. They want us to grow timid and weary in the face of their willingness to kill randomly and kill innocent people."

But Mr. Bush says they will fail, and stresses America will not be intimidated, nor will Iraq. "That is why these elections in Iraq are very important," he added.

The comments came as the president wrapped up a meeting with Iraq's interim President, Ghazi al-Yawar. Mr. Bush said he sends condolences to the families of the security guards killed in the attack, and thanked the Saudi government for its quick response.

He noted several of the gunmen who shot their way into the consulate were captured, and said he believes they will provide information on just who was responsible.