President Bush says those responsible for the bloody terrorist attacks in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh will be brought to justice.

President Bush went to the Egyptian Embassy in Washington to sign a condolence book, and express his sympathy to the people of Egypt.

He said America is determined to stand with them in rejecting this kind of violence and terror. "The people who struck in Sharm el-Sheikh killed Muslims, innocent mothers and dads, people who were trying to make a living. They have no heart, they have no conscience, and they have no ideology that is hopeful," he said.

Mr. Bush noted that after the Sharm el-Sheikh attacks Saturday, he called President Hosni Mubarak, and expressed solidarity with the Egyptian government, as it seeks to bring those responsible to justice.

Washington has offered to help with the investigation of both the Egyptian bombing and the July seventh terrorist attack on the London transit system. However, administration officials have said it is too early to know if there is a link between the two attacks.