President Bush is back at the White House after a weekend at his Camp David retreat, where he consulted with members of his war council. After a weekend out of the public spotlight, Mr. Bush plans to make a quick trip Monday to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to talk about homeland security.

The president will visit a Coast Guard port facility in the Philadelphia area. He will use the occasion to press Congress to approve his request for roughly $75 billion to pay for emergency costs this fiscal year related to Iraq and the war on terrorism.

More money for homeland security is included in that bill, about $4 billion. The White House says the money will be used for a number of purposes, including bolstering the Coast Guard.

Before leaving for Philadelphia Mr. Bush is expected to get another detailed update on the war at the White House. Over the weekend, a few top aides joined him at Camp David. The full war council, including the secretaries of state and defense, took part in a secure videoconference call Saturday on the war effort.

Earlier, in his weekly radio address, the president reported progress in Iraq, but noted difficult fighting lies ahead. He said he is confident that victory will come.