President Bush says the new democracies of Europe understand the threat posed by Iraq. Mr. Bush says they bring a "moral clarity" to NATO.

Mr. Bush stood in a square in Bucharest where a dictator once ruled. He said the Romanian people understand oppression, and are not complacent about freedom. "The people of Romania understand that aggressive dictators cannot be appeased or ignored," said President Bush. "They must always be opposed."

The president said Saddam Hussein is such a man. "By his search for terrible weapons, by his ties to terror groups, by his development of prohibited ballistic missiles, the dictator of Iraq threatens the security of every free nation, including the free nations of Europe," he said.

Throughout his stay in Europe, Mr. Bush has been stressing the need for a unified stand on Iraq. In Romania, he warned once again that, if Saddam Hussein does not disarm peacefully, he will be disarmed by force.