President Bush says the United States will work to stop terrorist activities aimed at derailing the Middle East peace process. Mr. Bush spoke briefly about the situation in the region during a speech Tuesday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The president says despite the current bloodshed in the Middle East, he still has a vision for the future.

He says he wants to see a day when Israel's right to exist is guaranteed by its neighbors, and the Palestinians have their own peaceful state. "But there are those who want to destroy that vision, there are those who want to murder to make sure that vision never comes to be," he says.

Mr. Bush has come under pressure in recent days to get more directly involved in efforts to stop the escalating violence in the Middle East. He made no mention of new initiatives in his Philadelphia speech, but he did stress that those who yearn for peace in the region must do all they can to stop the terrorists who want to block the peace process.