The News Conference

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President Bush says the United States and its allies are winning the global war on terrorism.

Asked about a recent U.S. report that the number of significant terrorist attacks worldwide has increased over the past year, Mr. Bush said the al-Qaida terror network is being dismantled. He says the United States government will stay on the offense against terrorism.

President Bush
Mr. Bush addressed the terrorism issue during a news conference at the White House late Thursday. He said he believes the only way to defeat terrorism is by encouraging the spread of democracy around the world.

The president also was asked about a practice U.S. forces have used of sending some terrorism suspects to other countries for interrogation. Despite critics who say such undocumented transfers of detainees can lead to abuse, Mr. Bush said the United States does not torture terrorist suspects, and he added they have only been sent abroad for interrogation to countries that also promise not to use torture.