President Bush wraps-up his August vacation Sunday. Mr. Bush has spent much of the month raising money for Republican candidates.

The president returns to the White House Sunday, after more than three weeks at his Texas ranch.

He has used the time to address domestic concerns about the economy and a series of forest fires in western states. President Bush also met with Saudi Arabia's ambassador to make his case for attacking Iraq.

But his biggest task during this vacation was raising record levels of campaign cash for Republican candidates.

Fundraisers in Oklahoma and Arkansas Thursday brought in more than $1 million. That pushes his total so far this year to nearly $110 million for the Republican Party and Congressional and gubernatorial candidates.

In comparison, President Clinton raised less than half that amount for Democrats ahead of his first mid-term elections in 1994.

Mr. Bush campaigned for candidates in eleven states during his August vacation. Many of those states are key to his own re-election hopes two years from now, including California where the president came out for a gubernatorial candidate who is trailing badly in the polls, in part, because his family business has been fined for fraud.

The party in control of the White House usually loses Congressional seats in mid-term elections. President Bush is trying to reverse that trend to regain control of the Senate and protect the Republicans' six-seat majority in the House of Representatives.