In Mexico, Felipe Calderon has been named president-elect of Mexico, ending two months of political uncertainty.

The seven judges at Mexico´s top electoral court unanimously declared Calderon, of the ruling National Action Party, as the next president of Mexico, ending more than two months of legal battles in Mexico's most hotly contested election in history.

In his first address to the nation as president-elect, Calderon expressed his gratitude to those who were his adversaries and promised that their most valuable proposals would be incorporated in his government plan. Calderon invited them to join forces for the benefit of Mexico and pledged to have an open door to dialogue.

His rival, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador - speaking from the Zocalo, Mexico City's main square - said he refused to accept Calderon as the next president of Mexico. He accuses Calderon of trying to rule without having legitimate and democratic representation.

Lopez Obrador says he plans to create a parallel government and rule from the streets. His supporters have been camped out in the streets of Mexico City for 38 days. protesting what they contend was election fraud.

The unanimous decision by the electoral court rejected allegations of systematic fraud and awarded Mr. Calderon the presidency by a margin of 0.56 percent.

Lopez Obrador has threatened to block Calderon from taking office on December 1. He is calling for a rally on September 16, the day the Mexican army holds its annual Independence Day parade.

Outgoing President Vicente Fox reacted to the court ruling by calling for national unity.

He and the president-elect are expected to meet, later Wednesday to go over a transition plan. Meanwhile, Lopez Obrador supporters are camped out on the Zocalo and on 12 kilometers of Reforma Avenue, in the heart of Mexico City.