Campaigning is underway in Cameroon for joint municipal and legislative elections scheduled for June 23rd. The main responsibility for elections lies with the Ministry of Territorial Administration. But in an effort to insure the integrity of the voting process, a national election observor commission was appointed last year. Among its duties are the supervision and control of the voting process. The eleven-member committee is based in the capital, Yaounde, with branches all over the country.

A member of the group spoke with English to Africa reporter Susan Bamuh from Douala. Attorney Ntumfon Nico Halle says the group will enforce the electoral laws in keeping with the constitution. He says the committee members were chosen from the private sector; he says they are neutral and have high moral and intellectual integrity. Mr. Halle says for the past six months, the group has been working to realize the objectives for which it was created: to create a framework for free and fair elections. He says the committee is also carrying out a training session for polling monitors. Mr. Halle said the group hopes to tap from the rich expertise of international observers.