President Bush is back in his home state of Texas at the end of 19 hours of campaigning ahead of Tuesday's Election Day.

President Bush wrapped-up his campaign for re-election rallying Republican supporters in Dallas, Texas at the end of a day which took him to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, and New Mexico.

In New Mexico, the president told a crowd at a chilly outdoor stadium that he has shown the strength of character in the last four years to earn the trust of another term in office.

"The American President must lead with clarity and purpose," he said. "The role of the president is not to follow the path of the latest poll. The role of the president is to lead based on principle and conviction and conscience."

President Bush criticized Democratic challenger Senator John Kerry for what he says is his opponent's tendency to take whatever position is most politically opportune at the moment.

The latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows President Bush and Senator John Kerry in a statistical tie in New Mexico, much like most of the national polls which show the two men running neck and neck.

Unlike the other states he visited Monday, the president is expected to win his home state of Texas by a wide margin.

The president and Mrs. Bush spend the night on their Texas ranch before voting Tuesday morning at a firehouse in the town of Crawford. They will make a brief stop to thank election volunteers in Ohio on their way back to the White House where they will await the outcome of a race that is still too close to call.