Pet owners are often curious to know what their pets think: whether they like their food or if they are happy. It is not unusual for some owners to even talk to their pets. And for those who want answers back -- they can hire a pet psychic, a person who claims to talk and listen to animals.  What the pet psychic tells the owner often comes as a surprise, even to a skeptic.  VOA's Mil Arcega reports for Vidushi Sinha.

Pet psychics claim they can break the language barrier between animals and humans.  They say pets not only know what their owners say, they also understand them.  In fact, pets are notorious for giving away family secrets just like children sometimes do.

Jessi the cocker spaniel told one of owner Linda Whitmeyer's little secrets to pet psychic Dianne Roadcap, who revealed the secret to Whitmeyer. "He also told her that I snore," said Whitmeyer. "He told her that we have three alarm clocks to wake us up - that's very true - to wake me up in the morning."

Dianne Roadcap said she reads pets' thoughts and emotions through images that animals send her. She says she developed this gift at the age of five and turned it into a profession 10 years ago. 

She said she has met them all, the chatty and the quiet ones, the introverted and the bold. Take PD the cat. PD was upset that her owner, Ona Noble, has hidden one of her favorite toys.

Ona Noble was amazed. "There is a toy that goes around and around," she explained. "Dianne didn't know if the cat had a toy that went around and around."

Dianne Roadcap said she manages to meet 10,000-15,000 animals every year. She said even some vets ask for her help to get to know their patients better. But one has to pay a price for this information - $175 per hour.

"And I have spoken to snakes and alligators and zebras.  You name it, I have spoken to them," she said.

Even as Roadcap's client list grows, there are some who find it hard to believe her. Pamela Hamlet is one of them. "I would be a little skeptical, but you know this is a big world and there are lots of things that we don't understand, so maybe..."