Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberal minority government has been ousted by a no-confidence vote.

In Ottawa Monday, Canada's three opposition parties voted 171 to 133 to force an election amid allegations some Liberal Party members received kickbacks from advertising firms awarded millions of dollars in government contracts.

An initial investigation absolved Mr. Martin, who became prime minister in December 2003, of any wrongdoing.

The loss means an election for all 308 seats in the lower House of Commons, which analysts say will likely be set for January 23rd. 

Mr. Martin's Liberal Party currently holds 133 seats to the Conservatives 98 seats, while the separatist Bloc Quebecois has 53 and the New Democrats holds 18 seats.

Recent opinion polls indicate the most likely result from January's election will be another minority Liberal government, which will be forced to rely on support from other parties to stay in power.

Some information for this report provided by AFP, Reuters, AP.