Canadian police say they have discovered information about al-Qaida and the Taleban on a laptop computer belonging to the daughter of a suspected al-Qaida financier.

Court records made public this week show police seized Zaynab Khadr's computer at a Toronto airport upon her return from Pakistan in February. Authorities also seized DVDs, audiotapes and Ms. Khadr's diary.

Police say the computer contains files of Arabic songs with Osama bin Laden's voice, and video clips of terrorists in action.

Ms. Khadr's lawyer says police are on what he called a "fishing expedition."

Ms. Khadr and her brother (Abdullah) are under investigation by police for their alleged ties to al-Qaida, although neither has been charged. Their father, Ahmed Said Khadr, was killed in a gunbattle with Pakistani troops in 2003.

Some information for this story provided by AP.