A car bomb exploded outside the Turkish mission in Baghdad, killing the driver and injuring several people.

According to U.S. military officials, a red Chevrolet automobile, packed with explosives, approached the main entrance of the heavily guarded Turkish mission in central Baghdad and then exploded.

Ambulances, U.S. helicopters and troops raced to the scene of the bombing to care for the wounded and cordon off the area.

Last week, Turkey's parliament voted to send troops to Iraq to join coalition forces in the country. That vote has angered many Iraqis who say no troops from neighboring countries should be allowed to enter Iraq.

The Iraqi Governing Council has voiced opposition and is discussing the issue with the Coalition Provisional Authority.

The latest blast follows a suicide bombing Sunday at the Baghdad Hotel in the heart of the city. That explosion killed eight people.

Since June 30 there have been at least 19 car bombings in Iraq, with the worst occurring August 29 when 83 people were killed at a mosque in Najaf.

Earlier, in the holy city of Karbala, a shootout occurred between moderate and radical Shi'ites. One person was reported killed and as many as two dozen wounded when about 100 radical Shi'ites attempted to seize control of two religious shrines in Karbala.