Despite the end of the long civil war in Angola, the weapons of war are still killing people. Last Friday (12/12), six staff members of the humanitarian group, CARE, died after in a landmine explosion in the central province of Bie?.

Doug Steinberg is the country director for CARE in Angola. From Luanda, he spoke to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua about how the care workers were killed. He says it happened when a tractor and trailer they were riding drove over the hidden weapon. The CARE workers were taking part in a farming project. The landmine was buried just off the shoulder of the road. All of the victims were Angolan nationals.

Mr. Steinberg says landmine injuries are a daily occurrence in Angola a year and a half after the war ended. He says landmines are a legacy of the war and estimates put their number at anywhere between two and six million.

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