Former President Jimmy Carter has denounced the Bush administration's foreign policy, saying it is hurting the war on terrorism.

Mr. Carter made his remarks in his speech before the Democratic Party's national convention in Boston late Monday.

The former president said over the past three years the United States has "alienated its allies, dismayed its friends, and gratified its enemies with a strategy of pre-emptive war."

He said the United States needs Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry to restore life to the battle against terrorism.

Former President Bill Clinton is set to address the Democratic convention next.

Earlier, former Vice President Al Gore also had harsh words for President Bush. He said it was obvious the Bush administration had gotten the country "in serious trouble" with its handling of Iraq.

He said the country would be better off with a new president who, in Mr. Gore's words, has not burned his bridges to our allies, and will focus on the threat from al-Qaida.

Mr. Kerry is due to formally accept the party's presidential nomination on Thursday.