Cuban leader Fidel Castro has told an Argentine newspaper he is recovering from his surgery in July and regaining the weight he lost.

In an article published Thursday, in the daily Pagina, Mr. Castro told Argentine journalist and congressman Miguel Bonasso that he lost nearly 19 kilograms after intestinal surgery, but has put back on about half of that. He said he has to take his recovery one step at a time.

Mr. Castro has remained in seclusion so far as the Non-Aligned Movement meets this week in Havana. But the media coverage has raised hopes that he may still make a formal appearance before the meeting ends on Saturday.

Wednesday, Cuban state television broadcast new photographs of a thin Mr. Castro, wearing a dark robe and seated at a table as he met with Bonasso.

Cuban National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon says Mr. Castro has been doing well and has been giving orders over the phone.

The Cuban leader's brother, Raul, told the Communist Party newspaper, Granma, that people should not think Fidel Castro is lying back in bed. Raul Castro says his brother is keeping up on everything that is happening.

Raul Castro is serving as acting president while his brother recovers.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.