Colleagues of a Chadian newspaper director say he has been arrested by the government and is being detained without cause.

The editor of the independent Notre Temps newspaper says armed men arrived at the home of newspaper director Nadjikimo Benoudjita early Friday and took him away without a warrant. 

Benoudjita's family was told he was being taken to the police station, but several reports say he was taken to a security or intelligence headquarters instead.

Benoudjita had recently written articles that were highly critical of President Idriss Deby and his government.

The media rights group Reporters without Borders called on Chad authorities to give an explanation for the newspaper director's arrest. 

The group says that if Benoudjita was arrested in connection with his work as a journalist, he should be released immediately.

Reporters without Borders says the Chad government has been imposing censorship on the media since a state of emergency was declared in several regions of the country earlier this year.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and Reuters.