The UNESCO-backed Children?s Summit in Dunblane, Scotland, has made eight recommendations to the leaders of the industrialized world for alleviating child poverty.  The leaders of the world?s eight largest industrial powers, the G8 countries, will be attending a conference this week in Gleneagles, Scotland, that will focus largely on debt relief and other measures aimed at jump-starting the economies of some of the poorest countries in the world. 

English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua told reporter William Eagle that among the measures suggested by the Children?s Summit are an end to poverty and violence against children, free quality education, and the promotion of democracy and equality no matter what the  gender, race, religion or special needs. 

Delegates to the Children?s Summit also suggest greater availability of anti-retroviral drugs for all, and programs to protect and educate poor and working children from HIV/AIDS and other illnesses.  And they advocate an end to child labor and the promotion of a healthy environment, including clean water, sanitation and food for the hungry.