China Charges 21 in Deadly July Ethnic Clashes
China Charges 21 in Deadly July Ethnic Clashes
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Chinese authorities have charged 21 people in connection with deadly July riots in the northwestern Xinjiang region.

China's state-owned Xinhua news agency says the charges include murder, arson and robbery, and that more indictments are expected.

The news agency listed the names of only six of the people who have been charged.

Nearly 200 people were killed, mostly Han Chinese, in clashes with minority Muslim Uighurs.  The violence followed a June toy factory brawl that left two people dead.

Prosecutors have already charged 11 people in connection with the factory brawl.

China's ethnic Uighurs are a largely Muslim group that has long complained of political and cultural persecution by the Han Chinese, who dominate China's leadership.

The Uighurs say they are denied economic opportunities and are persecuted for their different culture and religion.  China's government says it treats everyone equally.