China has named Donald Tsang Hong Kong's acting Chief Executive after accepting the resignation of Tung Chee-hwa, the territory's leader. 

Mr. Tsang, previously Hong Kong's second-ranking official, told a news conference Saturday he will not reshuffle the cabinet and will serve only until another leader is elected on July 10. 

The next Chief Executive will complete the five-year term to which Mr. Tung was elected in 2002 by a Chinese-sanctioned electoral college.

Mr. Tung, who is 67, announced his resignation on Thursday, citing health reasons. He rejected suggestions that China forced his resignation.

But in December, Chinese President Hu Jintao publicly reprimanded Mr. Tung for his performance, fueling rumors that China was considering a leadership change.

On Saturday, Mr. Tung was named one of several vice chairmen of a high-ranking Chinese advisory body.