In an address to the United Nations, China's Foreign Minister has called terrorism a 'common scourge' to all nations. Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs Tang Jiaxuan joined every other U.N. speaker in condemning the terrorist attacks of September 11. He also extended the sympathy of the Chinese government to all those who died, and to their families.

In addition to terrorism, Mr. Tang noted a host of other global problems that he said need to be addressed. He said widespread poverty and unfair trade practices are contributing factors to many of the problems.

Speaking through a translator, Mr. Tang also made reference to the debate over whether or not the United States will abandon the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. He said now is not the time to jeopardize nuclear arms control. "In the face of the new situation, we should go on working for the preservation of the existing legal regime for international arms control and disarmament, and the maintenance of global strategic stability without jeopardizing the security of any country," he says.

Like many other speakers, Mr. Tang cited a recent report showing a massive slowdown in global economies. He called for developed countries to take on more of the responsibility in helping people in poorer parts of the world.