China has sentenced an elderly scholar to prison for political writings considered by the government to be subversive.

The New York based rights group, Human Rights in China, says that 70 year old Wang Daqi has been sentenced to a year in jail on charges of "inciting the overthrow of state power."

In a statement released Friday, the group says that a court in Hefei, in the eastern province Anhui, sentenced Mr. Wang in mid-December, after he had already been detained for a year. He is expected to be released in early February, because the sentencing counts his detention as part of time served.

Human Rights in China says the evidence used against Mr. Wang, a former university professor, included an article he published in his magazine about the 35th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution.

The rights group says Mr. Wang suffers from health problems, including an abnormal heart beat, and is being held in a cell with more than 20 other prisoners in what it describes as "unspeakable conditions."