China has just wrapped up a week of celebrating the first 30 years of the Sino-American relationship. The foundation of the relationship was forged in secret between two estranged nations. Now, it is being hailed by what many say has become the most important bilateral relationship in the world.

Beijing says it is ready to work with the Obama administration, but it is also waiting to see how China is treated. The Chinese government has already indicated it considers the Taiwan issue a priority.

Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister He Yafei, reminded the world of his country's growing stature.

"Thanks to 30 years of reform and opening-up, China is no longer a poor, weak, backward or closed country. Its overall national strength has markedly increased, and we are playing an increasingly important role in international affairs," he said.

Nuclear proliferation, tension in South Asia, climate change and energy are things where the two countries can work together. However, conflicts also remain in such areas as human rights and Tibet.

For Chinese people, the biggest hope is that President Obama's policy toward China will be friendly and not confrontational.