A cholera outbreak in two Zimbabwe districts has claimed seven lives.  The government has set up health camps in the area in a bid to stop the spread of the contagious disease.

Nearly 150 cases of cholera have been reported in the Chikomba and Chivhu districts in the southeastern part of Zimbabwe.  A report in the state controlled daily, The Herald, quotes Minister of Health David Parirenyatwa as expressing concern more cases could emerge.
In addition to the two health camps, the government is asking people not to travel to or from the areas concerned.
Cholera is a gastrointestinal disease caused by drinking water or eating food contaminated with human waste.  It can cause severe diarrhea.

Dr. Parirenyatwa said the risk is higher at the moment because Zimbabwe is in the middle of its rainy season and waste can be swept into rivers where people draw their drinking water.  He called on the people to exercise high levels of hygiene.