The five cities competing to host the 2012 Summer Olympics are taking advantage of another chance to impress members of the International Olympic Committee.

Paris, London, New York, Madrid and Moscow have sent high-level delegations to a weekend conference getting underway in Berlin Saturday. They will present their bids to an audience which contains 28 Olympic sports federations leaders.

More than 30 International Olympic Committee members are expected to attend the meeting, which is the last major showcase for the bid cities before the host city is selected in Singapore on July 6.

Each city has been allotted 10 minutes Sunday to make its presentation to the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations. Many of the federation presidents are also IOC members eligible to vote in Singapore.

The IOC evaluation commission completed its inspection tour of the five cities last month and is now compiling a report assessing their technical plans. That report, which will not rank the cities, will be released on June 6.

Some informaiton for this report provided by AP.