Ukraine's ruling party says talks to establish a coalition government have been suspended.

A spokeswoman for President Viktor Yushchenko's "Our Ukraine" party Saturday says talks among former "Orange Revolution" allies are deadlocked. She says parties cannot agree upon who should hold the key position of parliamentary speaker.

In a radio address Saturday, Mr. Yushchenko said former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko had a right to be nominated again to head the government.

The president fired her last year, following infighting in the cabinet.

Ukraine's constitution says Parliament has until June 27 to form a governing coalition.

If it cannot, Parliament will be dissolved and new elections will be called.

No party won an outright majority in the March general election.

Mr. Yushchenko took power last year in the wake of the Orange Revolution protests over fraud in the 2004 presidential election.

Some information for this report provided by Reuters, AP and AFP.