The Union government of the Comoros Islands says it would not rest until Anjouan?s embattled President Mohammed Bacar is overthrown and fresh elections are held in the island. This comes after troops loyal to Bacar reportedly ambushed a group of government soldiers who were conducting an offensive against Anjouan?s president killing at least 30 people. The union government is accusing Bacar of secessionist aspirations. But the embattled president denied the charges saying he wants more autonomy for Anjouan rather than independence.

Ahmed Thabit is a Comorian independent analyst. From the capital, Moroni he tells reporter Peter Clottey that the army?s offense against Bacar would continue until he is removed from office.

?For the last few days incursion have been taking place in Anjouan. There was a military incursion by the Comoros Armed forces on the second city of Anjouan, and I gathered that about three people were injured. Also today, there was another incursion, a big one in Moya, and many people were injured,? Thabit noted.

He said Anjouan?s embattled President Bacar is not interested in resolving the political impasse with the union government.

?Oh my goodness, for the last 10 years Mohamed Bacar and his gang say they were always about dialogue, and that is why the AU (Africa Union) was involved. The AU met with Mohammed Bacar several times, when they agree on a way he (Bacar) always said yes he will abide by the decision, but when he returns home he does the contrary. So he has been buying time... he wants to hang on to power and then get richer and richer, that is what he is interested in,? he said.

Thabit accused Bacar of causing problems in the Archipelago.

?You know there are four islands including Mayotte, which is now under French administration, but we hope that sooner or later it will join us. But talking about the three other islands the new constitution gave wide autonomy to the three islands. We only have problems with Mohammed Bacar. Why don?t we hear problems from Moheli, and Grande Comoros? He just wants to cling on to power on Anjouan and be the sole master there. That is what he wants,? Thabit pointed out.