The 17thinternational aids conference is scheduled to open in Mexico City, Mexico on August 3rd. About 22 000 people, from field workers to government ministers from across the globe are expected to attend.

A leading humanitarian organization with HIV and AIDS programs says the conference should put children at the focus of their discussions.

Martha Newsome is senior director of global health and HIV and AIDS initiatives of world vision. She has been in Mexico City since Wednesday and has been attending some of the pre-conference meetings and symposiums. 

She noted ?there have been two conferences. One was the ecumenical, basically all the faith-based organizations and church-based groups that are attending the International Aids Conference and then there was a child focus symposium as well that included all the child focus NGOs , agencies and donor governments, representatives, so basically anybody who?s basically interested in how children are being affected by HIV and AIDS.?

Newsome said she expects Africa to be well represented at the conference.

In an article circulated earlier in the week World Vision said the conference would be an expensive talking shop unless children are put at the focus of discussions.

Newsome said she would expect all the donor communities to, among other things, take concrete action by directing 12 percent of their AIDS budget towards children affected by AIDS.