Final results from Morocco's parliamentary elections have confirmed the victory of the conservative Istiqlal party, despite predictions that a moderate Islamist opposition party would win.

The results released Monday show the Istiqlal party, part of the outgoing ruling coalition, with 52 seats in the 325-seat parliament. The moderate Islamist Justice and Development party was second with 46 seats.

Istiqlal's coalition partner, the Socialists, won 38 seats.

Officials with the Justice and Development Party have blamed widespread fraud for their lower-than-expected vote count.

The party had predicted it would increase its 42 seats in parliament to more than 70, becoming the largest bloc in the legislature.

Morocco's Interior Minister Chakib Ben Moussa called the elections fair and open.

Voter turnout was a record low 37 percent.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and Reuters.