Restless Heart was one of the most popular vocal groups in Country music during the late-1980s and early-'90s. The band was led by singer Larry Stewart, who left in 1992 to pursue a solo career. One year later, keyboardist Davis Innis also quit the group. After spending more than a decade apart, all five original members reunited to record the new album Still Restless.

Restless Heart is back on the Country charts with its first new studio album in 14 years. It took the vocal band four years to complete Still Restless and the five members feel the end result was worth the wait. The project showcases their trademark harmonies, but the songs contain more fiddle and steel guitar than appeared on their early pop-influenced albums.

Restless Heart formed in 1984. Two years later, the group began dominating the Country chart. From 1986 to 1988, Restless Heart recorded six consecutive Number One singles and many other Top 10 hits. In 1989, the band won the Academy of Country Music's Vocal Group of the Year award. But, just a few years later, the band began to fall apart. Personality conflicts within the group led to the departure of lead singer Larry Stewart and keyboardist Dave Innis. The three remaining members, drummer John Dittrich, guitarist Greg Jennings and bass guitarist Paul Gregg, made an unsuccessful attempt to continue on as a trio.

"We were talking recently and thinking back to how little we really knew and understood about the business the first time around," says Larry Stewart. "We made so many mistakes and yet we also really loved working together. That's what ultimately brought us back together." Restless Heart addresses those thoughts in the new album's final track, "What We Know Now."

"What We Know Now" is one of three songs Larry Stewart co-wrote for Still Restless.  Also included are remakes of their producer Mac McAnally's 1990 single "Down The Road" and the Beatles classic "The Night Before."

During the past four years, Restless Heart reconnected with their fans by performing concerts throughout the United States. They opened shows for Country star Vince Gill for more than a year and also headlined many of their own concerts. The group will spend most of 2005 touring in support of Still Restless.