Collin Raye is often referred to as one of the most underrated performers in Country music. The 42-year-old singer from Arkansas has reached the Top 10 on the Country charts 22 times since 1990. Three of his songs reached Number One. Five of his albums have sold more than one million copies. Collin Raye's latest album is entitled, Can't Back Down.

Collin Raye's eighth and final album under his contract with Sony Records includes the track "Young As We're Ever Gonna Be," a song he wrote with his brother Scott Wray. In the 1980s, Collin performed with Scott in the Wray Brothers Band before launching his solo career in 1990. Collin's solo breakthrough came a year later, when he scored his first Number One single with "Love, Me."

Collin Raye refers to making music as a ministry. People have carved the lyrics to "Love, Me" on their loved ones gravestones, and countless couples have used his romantic ballad "In This Life" in their weddings.

He has also used his music and stardom to make social statements. For instance, his recording of "Not That Different" carried an anti-racist message. Alcoholism and domestic abuse were addressed in his single, "Little Rock."

Collin says he named his new album Can't Back Down to describe his perseverance during the making of the collection. While working on it, his fiancée broke off their engagement, and his brother was diagnosed with diabetes. But, there were bright moments as well. His daughter gave birth to his first grandchild, and he was presented with the Country Radio Broadcasters' Humanitarian Award for his issue-driven music and charity work. Previous recipients of the honor include Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, and Clint Black.

Can't Back Down features 12 songs written by Kim Carnes, Michael McDonald, Karen Taylor-Good, Brent Maher, and others.

The first single from the album struck a chord with radio listeners following the terrorist attacks on America. Collin Raye sings about a man who lives his life honestly and cherishes the simple pleasures that count the most, "Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From Me."