The chartered Egyptian jetliner that crashed earlier this month into the Red Sea was not attacked or brought down by a bomb, the lead investigator says after scanning the aircraft's two flight recorders.

The head of the investigation into the January 3 crash of a chartered Egyptian airliner says there is no possibility an explosion caused the Boeing 737 to crash into the Red Sea.

Lead investigator Shaker Qilada said he could confirm that the crash was not the result of a terrorist act. He said the crash was definitely caused by a technical problem that could include a mechanical failure or pilot error.

All 148 people on board the plane, most of them French tourists en route to Paris, were killed when the plane crashed shortly after take-off from the Egyptian resort Sharm el-Sheikh.

Investigators said, while the aircraft's flight data recorder indicated there was no explosion, initial analysis of the voice cockpit recorder, which contains pilot conversations, did not explain what went wrong with the jetliner.