Cuban President Fidel Castro says the worst part of his health crisis is over, and that he will be well enough to receive visiting dignitaries at a summit in Havana next week.

In a statement issued by the government newspaper Granma Tuesday, Mr. Castro said he is recovering from last month's intestinal surgery, despite losing nearly 19 kilograms. He said the most critical moments of his health crisis are over, and that he is working on a book of interviews he gave to a Spanish journalist, Ignacio Ramonet.

Cuba is to host a summit of the Nonaligned Movement of 116 developing nations beginning next Monday, September 11th. Many heads of state and government from Africa, Asia and Latin America are expected to attend the meeting.

Mr. Castro temporarily handed over power to his brother, Raul, last month to undergo surgery. The handover shocked Cuba and the world, sparking speculation that the long-time leader was facing his last days in office.

The president seized control of Cuba in a 1959 revolution.

Some information for this report was provided by Reuters.