While combat subsides through much of Iraq, Iraqis are looking to rebuild their homes and lives. But there is also the immediate danger of unexploded munitions, known as ordnance, which is strewn throughout the country. Kimberly Russell reports.

For these young Iraqis in Baghdad, a game of football is a way to take their minds off the war and the difficult times they have endured. But other Iraqis are risking their lives, amusing themselves, by playing with unexploded military material.

This soldier was horrified after seeing pictures of youngsters entertaining themselves with unexploded ordnance.

?And to really see that it?s heartbreaking. What we would like to do, is to let everybody know this is dangerous stuff. Stay away from it if you see it. Mark it. Let coalition forces come in there and destroy this, and not make it a threat for the Iraqi people.?

With hundreds of troops searching for large weapons caches?there is little time to clean up the smaller amounts of unused ordnance.