In the 1970s, singer David Cassidy became a teenage idol, thanks to his role in the hit television series, The Partridge Family. Since then, he has collected 18 gold and platinum records, with sales in excess of 25 million. The latest phase of David Cassidy's career includes his new album, Then And Now.

For his latest album, Then And Now, former heart-throb David Cassidy re-recorded "C'mon Get Happy," the theme from The Partridge Family TV series, which aired from 1970 to 1974. During those years, David was featured on the cover of every major teen magazine, and his fan club became the largest in history, surpassing those of Elvis Presley and The Beatles. His image was plastered on posters, lunch boxes and dozens of other items.

When a fan died of a heart attack at one of his concerts in London, however, David went into retirement for several years.

In the late 1970s, David returned to acting, starring in TV dramas and Broadway productions such as Blood Brothers and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He decided to revitalize his recording career in the mid-'80s.

Now 51 years old, David Cassidy still has the boyish good looks and dazzling smile that captivated his teenage fans three decades ago. On his new album Then And Now, he updates a few of his old hits, and includes some new material and concert favorites, such as his 1971 Top 10 song, "Cherish." David also revisits a few Partridge Family songs, such as "I Think I Love You," the biggest-selling single of 1971.

In the past few years, David Cassidy has appeared in Las Vegas theatrical productions such as EFX and At The Copa. He wrote, directed and produced The Rat Pack Is Back, which is still playing to sold-out audiences in Vegas.

Last year, David embarked on his first world concert tour in 10 years. Now on the second leg of that tour, he has U.S. and U.K. dates booked through the end of the year. His legendary fan club has been reactivated on his website,, and he's making plans for another new studio album next year. "I'm proud of the work I've done and I'm glad I didn't become some sad joke. I never focused on fame," he said, "I just tried to do work with integrity."

From his new album Then And Now, David Cassidy's new song called "No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross" was co-written by another former teen idol, Lulu.