On special occasions people in the U.S. often show their love with flowers. But these days there is another choice -- instead of giving a bouquet of flowers many are sending their loved ones an "edible bouquet" of fruit. For producers Ade Astuti and Nia Sutadi, VOA's Jim Bertel has more.

For the past few weeks one particular business in the city of Bethesda, Maryland, near Washington, D.C., has been very busy. This is "Edible Arrangements," which provides a service to romantics who want to say I love you.

Candice Rittenberg is the owner. "We're a replacement for flowers. [It is] Something of an alternative, a healthier aspect of it. It's fresh, it's unique, [and] it's beautiful. And we love it."

The idea is simple -- rather than arrange flowers into a bouquet, they arrange fruit into an attractive display. Instead of roses and carnations, customers can send an assortment of fruit such as cantaloupes, melons and pineapples. Not only are they beautiful gifts, but they are edible too.

"Valentine's Day, of course we have women sending things to men. A lot of men coming in here, especially on the very last second: 'I need something for my girlfriend, I need something for my wife.' And, of course we're going to accommodate that with something fabulous," says Rittenberg.

These displays may not be the traditional way to express one's love, but they are becoming an option for those who want to appeal to a loved one's palate in addition to his or her heart.