Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards says Republicans are doing everything possible to divert attention from President Bush's economic record during their national convention in New York.

Republican delegates at Madison Square Garden chanted "flip-flop" Wednesday to underscore their contention that Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has a long history of changing positions on important issues.

While Democrats say they made an effort to limit heavy-handed criticism of President Bush during their party's national convention in Boston, Massachusetts, Republicans have repeatedly blasted Senator Kerry in New York.

Mr. Kerry's running mate, Senator John Edwards, fought back. Speaking on the NBC television program The Today Show, Mr. Edwards said President Bush has no economic accomplishments to show for his time in office, and must therefore attempt to focus attention on his opponent.

"Five million people have lost their health insurance while George Bush has been in office, four million people have fallen into poverty, and almost two million have lost their private sector jobs," senator Edwards says.

Mr. Edwards said he and Senator Kerry would, if elected, build a stronger international coalition to fight the war on terrorism, improve Americans' access to health care, and work to keep high paying jobs in the United States.