Supporters of Sudanese-American author Kola Boof demonstrated Thursday in New York City and Washington, D-C. They were protesting a reported Fatwa, or death warrant, that she says the Sudanese government issued against her in September. Ms. Boof is an activist and the author of three books. Her most recent is a bestseller, ?The Train to the Redeeming Sin.? Ms. Boof says a Sharia court in Sudan recently found her guilty of blasphemy and treason against religious sentiments in Sudan.

One of the organizers of the demonstration is a publicist for Ms. Boof, Ajowa Ifateyo. She talked about the protest with English to Africa reporter Josephine Kamara.

Meanwhile, the Sudanese Embassy here in Washington says Ms. Boof?s allegations are not true. Ambassador Abdel Kabeir is the embassy?s deputy chief of mission. He told Josephine Kamara that Ms. Boof is making false claims about her Sudanese heritage and that the Sudanese government has not issued a Fatwa.

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