A Danish court Thursday ordered two Tunisian men held in custody for nearly a month pending deportation, as authorities investigate their role in a reported plot to kill a cartoonist.

On Tuesday, police arrested the two men and a Dane of Moroccan origin, on suspicion of plotting to murder a Danish cartoonist whose depiction of the Prophet Muhammad sparked riots two years ago.

The Dane has been released.  The Tunisians are appealing their deportation order to Denmark's minister for refugees, immigration and integration.

Also today, Iran summoned Denmark's ambassador to protest the re-printing of the controversial Muhammad cartoon.

Several of Denmark's largest newspapers printed the cartoon of Muhammad wearing a bomb in his turban Wednesday.  Islamic tradition forbids any depiction of Muhammad.

Publishers said it was to show support for the cartoonist after police foiled a murder plot against him.

The cartoon was first published in September 2005.  It sparked international controversy that spurred riots and attacks on Danish embassies.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.