In fashion conscious cities like New York, people who cannot afford new designer fashions are turning to vintage clothing stores. Here, shoppers can find previously owned designer label clothing at discount prices. VOA's Nia Sutadi and Ade Astuti recently visited one of the best-known vintage stores in New York, Cheap Jack's Vintage Clothing, a place where savvy shoppers can find second hand fashion at a reasonable price.  Jim Bertel narrates.

There is nothing new at Cheap Jack's Vintage Clothing. And yet for many fashion minded New Yorkers, there is nowhere they would rather shop.

"What is vintage, vintage at least 30, 40 years old, we consider it vintage, if it is 10, 20 years old, it's too modern for the store, at least 1980s right now," Jack Markus, owner of Cheap Jack?s Vintage Clothing said.

Cheap Jack's is a New York landmark for more than 30 years. Customers from all walks of life shop there in search of bargains and a unique look. The store also boasts a large international clientele.

"Especially right now, the Europeans come in here, and Far East people come in here, cause they always love American clothing ? in Europe nothing survived because of World War II, so they're looking for the old stuff [clothing]," Markus said.

The fashions span more than a hundred years, making it the first stop for many designers looking for inspiration. Markus knows his clothes and knows a real vintage item when he sees it.

"Absolutely, I can tell the dress, I can tell the fabric, it was very simple, up to the 70s they didn't know how to mix the fabrics ? so it's very easy to identify just by touching it," Markus explained.

Vintage clothing stores are about more than just retro fashion. Many feature second hand designer items that are not old at all. No matter what your taste, retail experts say vintage clothing stores offer budget conscience shoppers a way to look chic without breaking the bank.