Diplomats say Syria has revealed that a suspected nuclear site destroyed by Israeli warplanes in 2007 is now a missile facility.

The diplomats, who requested anonymity, said Syrian nuclear chief Ibrahim Othman spoke at a closed-door meeting Tuesday of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Othman rejected an IAEA report last week about particles of man-made uranium found at the al-Kibar facility.  Syria maintains the uranium, which can be used in a nuclear reactor, came from the Israeli weapons used to destroy the site.  The IAEA said that was not likely.

The U.S. and others have alleged Syria was building a nuclear site.  

Syria has maintained al-Kibar was a conventional military facility.

The IAEA said last year that al-Kibar had "features" characteristic of a nuclear site.  

Othman also disputed the presence of graphite, which is used to make the core of nuclear reactors.  

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP.