Disaster Strikes Haiti
Disaster Strikes Haiti

A massive earthquake struck 12 January near the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, causing damage across the impoverished region. It is the largest quake to hit the area in 200 years.

Officials estimate the earthquake has killed about 200,000 people and affected an estimated 3 million - about a third of Haiti's population.

Teams came from all over the world to provide assistance to the nation, but initial efforts to distribute aid were hampered by numerous problems - including blocked roads, bureaucratic confusion and the collapse of local authority. U.N. officials say despite the problems, progress is being made.

In the series of reports below VOA takes a look at the earthquake, the aftermath and the relief efforts to help the victims.

See photo galleries showing the devastation, world reaction and recovery efforts.

Watch a 30-minute video report: "Haiti: A Nation in Peril."

Haiti Contact Information & Ways to Help
If you are trying to contact someone in Haiti, record a message (English, Creole, or French) to be broadcast by VOA radio to Haiti at: 202-205-9442, code 42
State Department Info line (for information on US citizens)
White House Haiti page
U.S. State Department
International Committee of the Red Cross
American Red Cross
United Nations
Clinton Bush Haiti Fund