Recently, two Kenyan boys were attacked and mutilated and authorities blame it on ignorance and myths surrounding AIDS.  The boys reportedly were drugged by strangers, who then cut off their penises to make a potion that local myth said cures AIDS.  One of the boys also lost an ear while trying to fight off his attackers. 

Despite the horror of the story, the two boys, 12 and 14, are expected to lead relatively normal lives thanks to reconstructive surgery in Spain.  The surgery was done by Dr. Pedro Cavadas of the Levante Rehabilitation Center.  From Valencia, Dr. Cavadas spoke to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua about the case. 

He says they reconstructed the penises using tissues from tissue from elsewhere on the body.  He says the first stage of progress is adequate circulation.  Then doctors must ensure there?s no scar tissue that could block urination.  Full sensation and function could return in about six months. 

The prognoses for the two boys differ.  Dr. Cavadas says one is eventually expected to be able to have normal sexual relations and even father children.  However, the second boy lost his testicles in the attack.  He is sterile and will need to have testosterone supplements for the rest of his life.  But, Dr. Cavadas says he, too, will eventually be able to enjoy normal sexual relations.

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