The humanitarian group, Doctors Without Borders, is critcizing recent testimony by Randall Tobias, the US Global AIDS Coordinator.

In recent testimony before a comngressional committee, Mr. Tobias was responding to questions about the controversial issue of generic anti-AIDS drugs (known as Anti Retro Virals), distributed to HIV sufferers in pills called "fixed dose combination(s)."

The United States has declined to endorse the combination methods, saying they have not yet been proven safe or reliable, and Mr. Tobias repeated concerns about safety:

"We have been reading stories lately about some problems with some drugs around the world where people with the best of intentions have made acquisitions of drugs that have turned out to not have the consistency, and the safety and effectiveness that people had hoped. I think it is very, very important that we move rapidly but with certainty that we're not endangering people's lives."

Alexandra Calmy, who?s a technical adviser for the Doctors Without Borders Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines. English to Africa reporter Cole mallard spoke to Dr. Calmy, who?s in Geneva, for her reaction to Mr. Tobia?s comments on the generic based ?fixed dose combinations.?

She says, We are very saurprised to hear attacks against those drugs because I've never seen any scientific data against the quality of those medicines, which are WHO pre-qualified drugs."

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