The draw is set for qualifying play for the 2008 European football championship, and the first two groups each have three World Cup-bound teams.

Group B has former World Cup champions France and Italy plus emerging Ukraine, and Group A includes Portugal, Poland and Serbia-Montenegro.

Only the top two teams from each of the seven groups will join co-hosts Switzerland and Austria in the final tournament in 2008. Fifty teams will play in the qualifying campaign. Group A has eight teams and the rest each have seven.

Other interesting matchups include the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia in Group D, and Sweden, Spain and Denmark in Group F.

Qualifying matches will be played between September 2006 and November 2007.

Here are the group pairings for qualifying that were drawn Friday:

Group A: Portugal, Poland, Serbia and Montenegro, Belgium, Finland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan

Group B: France, Italy, Ukraine, Scotland, Lithuania, Georgia, Faroe Islands

Group C: Greece, Turkey, Norway, Bosnia Herzegovina, Hungary, Moldova, Malta

Group D: Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Ireland, Wales, Cyprus, San Marino

Group E: England, Croatia, Russia, Israel, Estonia, Macedonia, Andorra

Group F: Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Latvia, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Liechtenstein

Group G: Netherlands, Romania. Bulgaria, Slovenia, Albania, Belarus, Luxembourg

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP.