Yesterday, we reported that partial results in Sunday?s elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo were being released. It turns out the source of the results was an opposition-owned media outlet ? and not the Independent Electoral Commission.  In fact, partial results or results of any kind have not yet been released by the Independent Electoral Commission.

VOA English to Africa reporter James Butty spoke with Grace Lula, a member of the Independent Electoral Commission, to clarify her interview yesterday ? where she discussed partial results.

?The Independent Electoral Commission has not yet given the results. We are still working in different compilation centers. The results can be given around the 20th of this month. That?s what I can say now, and I?m not speaking on behalf of the Electoral Commission.?

She says, ?Yesterday I said that Bemba has won a lot of votes in some provinces whereas President Kabila won only in two provinces, that is Katanga and North Kivu. This information came from CCTV which is the private television of one of the candidates, Mr. Bemba, and they got these results from members of their political party who are in the provinces. Bemba won in Kinshasa, Bandundu, Bakongo, and Equateur. Lots of votes. In the two Kasais, to get just the average of voices.?

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