A teenage boy is in custody for setting a fire at the Turkish embassy in The Hague, which injured five people. But Dutch authorities say the incident, which was originally reported as a bombing, is not a terrorist attack.

The 16-year-old suspect from the Dutch city of Haarlem was arrested at The Hague's central train station after he allegedly set the Turkish embassy on fire. Dutch officials will not give any details about the boy or what charges he will face, but prosecutors say his case will be handled in juvenile court.

Earlier, Turkish embassy staff said the fire was the result of a bomb. But Dutch prosecutors say there was no bomb or explosive. They say the teen threw a bag of flammable material inside the building that set it on fire.

Five people, including the suspect, were injured, but none seriously. The building is reported to have suffered considerable damage.

Dutch authorities are also stressing that there appears to be no political motive for the crime. Prosecutors say the teen most likely had a personal grievance, and that he had an argument inside the embassy earlier in the day.