A new report says Liberia needs $1 billion to rebuild its energy network, destroyed during the country's civil war.

Experts from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the West Africa Power Pool say the money is needed to carry out eight major projects. These include development of a master electricity plan for the country.

The report says the money would also be used to import electricity from neighboring Ivory Coast to service four Liberian border towns.

The team described Liberia's power situation as "desperate." ECOWAS has been trying to attract donors and investors to rebuild the shattered infrastructure.

The report also assessed the energy situation in neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone.

In Sierra Leone, the officials noted what they called a "significant dwindling" of the country's electrical system. They said the system needs $874 million to improve the power supply.

The report said Guinea's power system needs about $600 million for improvements.